Bay Boy Films Announces The Completion of Kendrick

Oakland, California – Bay Boy Films is proud to announce the completion of Kendrick, an urban drama starring Dante Spears and Andre K. Jefferson, and directed by Marvin T. Finch. 

Kendrick is the story of an aspiring and up-and-coming hip-hop artist who runs into a powerful man that can help him achieve his dreams, but he must rely on old and dangerous friendships to be able to meet the deadline and achieve success.

Dante Spears stars in this movie, as a follow-up to his smash-hit On The Run. This is a young artist and street performer who gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime when a music executive sees him perform, but he needs a demo to fulfill the executive’s proposal. For this, he records his music overnight at Tony’s studio, while making a plan on how to make money to pay for the studio time, he runs into an old friend that’s fresh out of jail, Rico. And Rico proposes a robbery, Kendrick accepts, but when the day comes and the hit happens, it goes awry. 

The film also stars Mistah F.A.B, Candace Coogler, Arion Johnson, Sherill Quinn, Bryant Smith, Jason Jasper, Marzellia Blue, Yung Lott, Derrick Hogan, Aaron Devers, Toni Rochelle, Rapunzel Cruz, Mukama Madoshi, and Jasmine Thomas.

Producers Marvin T. Finch and Jasmine Thomas said, “Teaming up with like-minded individuals like Cody Coyote Films and A-Town Productions allowed us to complete this film through its many challenges of producing our first film. Their background in tv and video production allowed them to produce a good quality product for the Bay Area and bring it to the world to feel a part of the same experiences of life in Oakland, California. 

Critics say Kendrick is a high-energy, high-action film that has a lot of emotions. Overall great story.

About Bay Boy Films 

Bay Boy Films (BBF) is a Bay Area-based Production Company. BBF is an independent motion picture and video production and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; film company. Our goal is to tell a story in the way one sees it through their eyes and experiences.

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