Chris Hahn: The Struggles of an Actor & How He Plans to Take His Career to the Next Level

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

My name is Christopher Hahn, I’m from New jersey and currently living in Los Angeles! I am a 28 years old and i’ve had a huge passion for acting and modeling ever since i was little. I am hungry, humble, disciplined and love stepping out of my comfort zone, which is where i thrive the most. I love trying new things everyday, and love abundance in my life as there is just so much to offer in this world.

I have worked extremely hard my entire life and ive gone down many career paths, however settling for a mediocre lifestyle is not an option for me. For my latest project i was casted for the main cast of the new original netflix series called “Dated and Related”.

I had a really good time and plan on capitalizing on any growth or opportunities that get presented to me in the near future. I am taking acting classes and have been trying a whole bunch of new styles to add to my modeling portfolio.

I am a very fun and outgoing person and love meeting new people of all backgrounds. I love to give back and i plan on leaving my mark on this world.

Chris Hahn

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

A few qualities that i have that are very unique personally i believe is how open-minded, honest and transparent i am, i say it how it is at the same time not sounding ignorant or arrogant. I can also be a very emotional person at times as i have been though a lot of ups and downs in my life. I was never given anything from my family growing up so i know the courage it takes to work hard for what you want.

I’ve always had a really good work ethic and am super grateful for everything i have and everything that i have acquired. I have been all over the world as i love traveling and experiencing different cultures and backrounds. I am very laid back and calm when under pressure and am really good at communicating and keeping my composure during hectic moments when necessary.

I thrive in overwhelming situations and have been transforming into the leader that i will inevitably become. I wrestled my whole life and that has given me the respect, persistance, courage and confidence that i need to fulfill my destiny.

Surfing has also taught me patience, adaptability, humility and resilience and i have never been more ready to take my abilities to the next level.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

Working over 15 jobs during/after high school growing up, not going to college because my family couldn’t afford it and witnessing many of my really good friends overdose on drugs and/or going to jail has been a very numb feeling, I have also had many scary situations in my life that would permantly scar me mentally, physically and emotionally.

All of these combined have made me who i am and have driven me to give everything a shot, no matter what it is, because hey, life is too damn short. So i went to trade school to be an electrician, i was a male stripper, i was a sales representative at a timeshare company, ive worked commercial real estate, Cut deli meats at the supermarket and worked in the restaurant industry.

Ive tried it all and nothing spoke to me. If you want to succeed in life, you have to do what you truly love to do. I have always been obsessed with film and acting, but i always thought it was too much of a long shot. But thats only cuz i didnt put myself out there.

So i said screw it, applied and applied, audition after audition and let me just say that i got really good and i never worked this hard at something in my life, I love doing it, monologues, skits, taking scenic pictures and turning it into my own art.

This is my passion because i am obsessed with it, i will never stop until i succeed in this industry, and i will die trying not matter how long it takes. This is what will make me happy and nothing is more powerful than to love what you wanna do.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

My biggest challenge personally was definitely my mom having cancer when i was in middle school, Im a mommas boy and my mother is the sweetest human being in the world and to see her go through everything she did has made me so appreciative and has given me the motivation i need in life.

She was not in good shape and things weren’t looking that good, yet she was still so positive all the time and gave it her all, she was so damn strong and never let herself get discouraged even when the odds were against her.

She overcame the cancer and battled her way through to victory. That has been the biggest inspiration in my life and has made me relentless in life to go after what you want because today might be your last day on this earth so you better go out and do what you want to do in this life because it is so precious and short and nothing is scarier than regret.

My moms battle taught me many things but the most important lesson i learned was to be grateful, thankful, positive in all outcomes, and humble. And that is why i am where i am and she is where she is.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

Elon Musk is someone that i know one day i will meet. His perspective of business and innovation is outstanding and to be able to chat with him for even 5 minutes is a goal of mine and would be an absolute honor. Gary V is also a big one for me and he is just insanely inpirational with his words, thoughts and the way that he knows how to connect with people of all age groups, I have learned alot listening to his podcasts, instagram stories, instagram posts, and articles that he’s written.

His advice in just the general outlook on life is just something you can put a price tag on.
Denzel washington is also on my list because he is my favorite actor of all time. His story on how he got where he is is something i listen to everyday in the morning when i wake up, it’s helped me stay consistent, confident and motivational with every step i take.

I also would love some acting advice and would ask tons of questions regarding his great work, and and would love to hear just more about his journey that got him to where he is.

Drop your social media links.

ig- @chrishahnofficial
tiktok- @chrisrhahn
youtube- jason cohen and chris hahn
twitter- ChrisH_Official

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