Morrison Hotel Gallery Presents deadmau5 x Timothy White “Shadows”




Four Unique Images of World-Renowned Electronic Music Artist deadmau5

Captured by Famed Celebrity Portrait Photographer Timothy White

To Be Released As Digital Collectables with Two Editions

To Be Offered with A Co-Signed Physical Print

April 19, world-renowned electronic musician deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) steps into the photography space with famed celebrity portrait photographer Timothy White for his next unique digital collectible drop “Shadows.” The collection is available now via premier NFT marketplace MakersPlace here:  

“Shadows” invites you into the world of Joel Zimmerman, both as himself and as his alter ego deadmau5 through the lens of Timothy White in this captivating photography drop. Showcasing the multifaceted nature of Zimmerman, the exhibit features four striking photographs that unravel the layers of his persona.

By day, Zimmerman is a composer, producer, record executive, and web3 entrepreneur, shaping the landscape of electronic music and pioneering new ventures in the digital realm. By night, he transforms into deadmau5, the celebrated electronic music artist who captivates audiences with his innovative sound and distinctive, mau5head-wearing persona.

Timothy White’s masterful photography captures the duality of Zimmerman’s life, revealing the intricacies of his character and the depth of his creativity. This intimate collection provides an unparalleled glimpse into the man behind the music and the mask, celebrating the dynamic nature of an artist who continues to push boundaries and redefine the electronic music scene.

“This collaboration between deadmau5 and myself began with conversations about the story behind the photos and how co-creating a shoot from start to finish and documenting it all would be the perfect definition of blockchain provenance,” shares Timothy White. 

“The shoot took place at a location in East Los Angeles on June 9th, 2021, and both Joel and I were wearing motion sensors during the shoot to enable Joel to create a virtual world surrounding the shoot, while I created the still images, so that both of us as artists could collaborate on telling the story in our own way.”

deadmau5 x Timothy White “Shadows” presented by legendary rock photography gallery Morrison Hotel Gallery will consist of four editions, each one featuring a unique image of deadmau5 photographed by White:

“Alter Ego” (1 of 1) is significant as a 1/1 digital collectable because it comes with a museum quality 30 x 40 co-signed photograph. It’s truly a rare item for the ultimate deadmau5 fan. Captured in black & white, it shows the duality of Joel’s life as his mau5 shadow is cast over him. The expression on Zimmerman’s face reveals the emotions and deep-seated truths underlying the creation of this so-called “monster” he has created.

“Chairman of the Board” (5 of 5) – The fifth edition triggers an auction to own a 20 x 24 co-signed museum quality photograph.  This opportunity is much lower than what a typical gallery print would normally be priced at without an autograph.

This photo provides a visual representation of Joel’s massive creative empire built around his iconic figure. The imposing figure of the Chairman himself, depicted in the larger-than-life photograph, exudes an aura of power, control, and influence that mirrors Joel’s impact on the music industry.

“Me and My Shadow” (10 of 10) is offered as a digital collectable only and is another wonderful work in White’s shadow play with his subject. This image offers a more intimate close-up of Joel and his alter ego.

“dormau5” (Open) is the only edition being offered in color. The inspiration behind this image came from the fictional character Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland. The choice of location, outside the studio gate, represents the idea of the Dormouse being on the outside looking in, a bit disconnected from the action, which plays into the separation between Joel and deadmau5.

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