MRCH Share New Video For ‘Cherry Painted Eyes’ – New EP ‘TV Bliss’

MRCH Share New Video For ‘Cherry Painted Eyes’New EP TV Bliss Out October 13Performing At Gracie’s Tax Bar Phoenix November 4

“Phoenix AZ based MRCH and the hush and fury of “Stars Align” feels like a collision of dream pop and alt psych rock, dreams with rough edges.” – American Pancake

“…Earnest, evocative take on indie pop and electronica.” – Phoenix New Times

“Soaring, surging synths with sighing, sibilant singing.” – The Guardian

“Drenched in optimism and bouncing into life with retro 80s-style synths, undulating rhythms and ethereal vocal hooks.” – Wonderland

MRCH share their new video for the single ‘Cherry Painted Eyes’. The track is from their forthcoming EP TV Bliss out on Vertex Music Ltd. October 13th.

‘Cherry Painted Eyes’ follows the singles ‘Easiest To Bend’ and ‘Stars Align’ which the band recently performed on Good Morning Arizona. The track is also getting some commercial radio support on their hometown ALT AZ as well as Sirius XM, WBTZ in Burlington, and California Alternative stations KEBF, KBUU, KFCF, KZSR.

‘Cherry Painted Eyes’ is another shoegaze inspired dreamy pop track set to a storyboard video created by the band themselves. While the subject matter of the song is heavier, the video is whimsical and cinematic to balance it out:

“Cherry Painted Eyes is a song riddled with anxiety. Describing a series of panic attacks and bloodshot eyes… We wanted to make the video a little more lighthearted than that thought. Set in the void of space, complete with near hit from a passing comet, and a drink to take the edge off. This vid is a DIY playful nod to classics from The Cure and Smashing Pumpkins.”

MRCH also wanted to see if they could utilize AI for good: “We built the sets out of paint, paper, quilt batting, and insulation boards. Then coupled it with AI-generated fill and sketches on ProCreate to help expand the world. There’s been a lot of talk in the arts lately about the negative aspects of AI. And there are for sure elements of it that are scary. Ones that can lead to really negative outcomes. But, we’re interested in using it as an opportunity to create beyond our budget. A lot like the approach we take with our music. We use whatever tools we can. Whether it’s the cheapest gear or the newest techniques. It’s all fair game. Some of this new tech kind of gives us a way to realize bigger ideas. The song and video are both a bit about bridging those gaps between fear and opportunity.”

Watch ‘Cherry Painted Eyes’ on YouTube:

MRCH will play a hometown gig at Gracie’s Tax Bar on November 4th to celebrate the vinyl release of TV Bliss.

Arriving three years after their previous No-Holds-Barred EP, the upcoming TV Bliss represents a brave new era for MRCH. The duo delved deeper into collaboration, first developing demos with the help of Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins, and then bringing creative more voices into play with mixing from the Grammy-nominated Tony Hoffer (Depeche Mode,Metric, Chromeo) and mastering by Dave Cooley (Wolf Alice, Tame Impala, Paramore). Its lyrical themes and visual aesthetic were inspired by Mickey’s childhood memories of being lost in the escapism of television – something which has been reflected with previous MRCH tracks featuring in Shameless, Guilt, The Vampire Diaries, Famous in Love, Search Party, 13 Reasons Why and The Twilight Zone.

Mickey and Jesse met at a music store in Arizona. While their backgrounds at that point were polar opposite (Mickey as a singer-songwriter, Jesse in the world of prog-metal), their differences became a strength – not only in regards to their genre backgrounds, but also their personalities: Mickey always wanted to make an emotional connection, while Jesse loved experimentations with new sounds. They both studied jazz in Phoenix, before shared influences such as Cocteau Twins, New Order, Metric, Phantogram, St. Vincent, Purity Ring and Beach House led to the formation of MRCH.

Now TV Bliss is set to take them further than ever before.


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