John Eisen is lead in Lakpathy Wijesekara film (In Theaters Oct 15)

You are originally from the Midwest?

“Yes. I am from Minneapolis/St. Paul, and in my opinion, children are encouraged to develop their artistic skills there. The Twin Cities have the second biggest amount of stage space in America, after New York. Lot of theatres. Everybody does the arts in Minnesota, and I began acting on stage at the age of 11. Had a lot of solid experience by the time I went to college. High school theatre is great up there.”

When did you discover your love for acting ?

“My grandmother worked at one of the best theatres in Minneapolis. They’ve won a Regional Tony Award. As a child, I was really inspired by productions I saw at the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis.

When I was 27, I had done well in business and accomplished everything I had wanted to do when I graduated from college, but something was still missing. Films like “The King’s Speech” and “The Theory of Everything” really had a profound impact on me, and moved me to the point where I decided I wanted to get involved in the industry.

Initially, I thought film marketing at a studio. Then I realized that I was most fulfilled acting! Thankfully, I had some wonderful teachers at the right time to encourage me, and help me adjust to screen acting.”

Tell us a little bit about some of your work ?

“I have been in LA for about 6 years. I have done consistent background work on one of the soaps at CBS. I really enjoy the people. I just got to see them all again, for the first time since Covid. My very first agent in town wanted me to do 10 short films, for the experience and to get practice screen acting and being on a film set.

I was a company member at The Archway Theatre Company in North Hollywood for 2017. Wonderful experience, and it felt so good being on stage. I had done a very small production in Hollywood right after I moved here in 2015.

In 2017, I played lead roles in two very challenging, classical plays: Leontes in William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, and Vershinin in Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”. Those stage roles were tough, but they really helped me in my career. I think, initially, people underestimated me.

Was this your first time working with the director?

“No, we have actually worked on several projects together! We did a web series, a VR film and a commercial together. I love working with the same people, because you build trust and can form great friendships.”

How do you approach a role ?

“When I first read through a screenplay, I try to think of people the character reminds me of. Sometimes the director wants to see me in the character, too. I tend to use Stella Adler’s approach, which involves making a backstory and using imagination, versus using my own life as emotional fuel. I try to keep my personal life separate as much as possible! I have several tools I use, but I’m an Adler fan I’d say.”

What was the most challenging scene on “Free by Noon” for you ?

(Laughing) “It was my first day on set. I did not have any lines in this scene. All I had to do…was take out a gallon of milk from the fridge, drink it, and then put it back in the fridge! But we had six takes of it! There were certainly other challenging scenes, but that one stood out to me for some reason…this scene that should have been so simple!”

Tell us about your upcoming movie premier ?

“I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone! We’ve missed each other. The premiere sold out in a matter of hours—that blew my mind. So they added a second, red carpet night. Then that sold out. I’m really excited for our Director. He’s had a web series and a short VR film that have had thousands of views online, and I’m hoping people enjoy this film as much as we did making it.”

What are your plans for the future ?

“Tentatively, my next film is this hilarious romantic comedy, set in New York. The character is completely different from the guy I play in this film. It should be fun!”

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