Gal Media Group Hosts Exclusive Event in West Hollywood, California – Bringing Together, Brands, Editors, and Top-Tier Influencers

Very few can do it like Gal Media Group. With a growth of over 550% this year alone, this National Public Relations Agency has become a leading connector for editors, influencers, and celebrities in women-led industries.

Established by publicists and social media experts with backgrounds ranging from sociology to media and globalization, communications, and branding, Gal Media Group seeks to create meaningful opportunities for its clients in the press, shaping the ways in which women and womanhood are portrayed in the world.

An event hosted by Gal Media Group this past summer in Los Angeles, CA is especially significant of their remarkable impact in the Public Relations sphere. 

Attended by celebrities like Selling Sunset star Davina Portaz and influencers Danielle Cohn and Arika Sato, industry experts came together to celebrate some of the industry’s most impactful brands and companies.

Guests gathered at the iconic Gracias Madre restaurant in West Hollywood, where CEO and Director of Gal Media Group Jennifer Jaden welcomed the empowering brands, editors, celebrities, and influencers with all sorts of innovative ideas and products that allowed them all to ponder over the wonders and victories of womanhood, all while drinking delicious mocktails made with Mixhers’ famous mixes. 

From the all natural lubricant Coconu to the holistic and incredibly amazing supplement brand Mixhers to Indy Blue’s Lonely Ghost, Laced Hair Extensions, Babe Lash and Thread Wallets among many others, editors from top tier publications, influencers and celebrities were given the opportunity to create meaningful relationships while bonding over female experiences.

It was especially powerful to see how, when united under one roof, industry experts were able to connect at a deeper level and strengthen the meaning behind female representation in the media.

Through the power of intellectual connection, friendship and passion to further empower women-led industries, attendees left the famous Gracias Madre event ready to take their contribution in the media to the next level. 

Since that sunny July day in West Hollywood, dozen of articles have been written, contributed to and published by editors, influencers and celebrities who attended the event.

Our personal favorite piece was written by NY Post editor Ruby McAuliffe who recently wrote a full feature article on women’s health and period education with the help of CEO and Founder of Mixhers, Jess Toolson.

This is a topic with extreme importance that women around the world have the right to access, and thanks to Gal Media, Ruby and Jess were able to connect and create a piece of meaningful media that can change women’s lives worldwide.

This is just a small example of the grand scale impact that Public Relations can have, and Gal Media Group’s passion for women’s representation and women’s representation is certainly a leading contributor to such impactful efforts. 

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Bill Choudhry
Bill Choudhry
Bill Choudhry is an experienced cold outreach and outbound sales professional. His approach is non-salesy, consultative, and authentic. He enjoys long walks at the park, frisbee football, and baking magical brownies for his marketing friends.


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